In this episode, we discuss our present understanding of the COVID19 pandemic. That includes a recap of current events, our knowledge of the virology and pathophysiology of SARS-CoV2, its epidemiology, clinical presentation, diagnostic workup and key findings, current management as well as investigational therapies including ongoing clinical trials.

In this episode, ID doc Lindsay Smith walks us through the importance of antibiotic stewardship and some considerations specific to VT and inpatient vs outpatient practice. We also check out OneHealth, a CDC initiative to study connections between human, animal and environmental health.

In this episode, we speak with former ACP Governor Dr. Jan Carney about her work as a physician advocate and discuss opportunities for individuals of all levels of medical training to get involved. 

For more opportunities, contact Dr. Carney at

In this episode, we discuss what it means to be an ACP member, involvement opportunities afforded at the local & national levels, and where our VT chapter fits into it all. ACP VT Chapter Governor Allen Repp gives us the inside scoop.

Guest: Dr. Allen Repp, ACP VT Governor

For many fourth-year med students applying into Internal Medicine, selecting a program can be overwhelming. What makes the IM Residency Program at UVMMC appealing? What does medicine in Vermont have to offer? 

In this episode, we interview the program's three chief residents for their take. 

Guests: Dr. Kramer Wahlberg, Dr. Beth Wahlberg, Dr. Julia Powelson

Chronic pain afflicts 50 million Americans. While prescription opioids can be effective for those who fail other therapies, concern over misuse complicates pain management. We discuss in this episode the CDC guidelines for prescribing opioids for chronic pain and an educational platform’s role in this complex issue.

Guest: Dr. Mark Pasanen, UVMMC IM Residency PD and Former ACP VT Governor.

The Step 1 exam has been a longstanding requirement for medical licensure and a critical factor in the residency application process. However, recent discussions have prompted physicians to reconsider the exam's merit and scoring. Join us as we consider the pros, cons, and evidence behind each argument in this rapidly developing, national debate.