In this episode, we are joined by guest co-host Sienna Searles (MS4), Dr. Polly Parsons, and Dr.  Bridget Marroquin in a conversation about the experience of women in medicine. We discuss gender disparities and ways we can work to close the gap as a field, as allies, and as advocates.

Expert Guests:
(1) Dr. Polly Parsons, LCOM L. Amidon Chair and Professor of Medicine & UVMMC Medicine Health Care Service Leader

(2) Dr. Bridget Marroquin, LCOM Associate Professor of Anesthesiology

Guest Co-Host: Sienna Searles (MS4)

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In this episode, we speak with Dr. Garth Garrison on the utility of pulmonary prehabilitation in reducing post-operative complications and morbidity in patients scheduled for elective surgery, especially during an era when shelter-in-place orders and social distancing are the norm. We also discuss potential ways prehabilitation can be applied outside of the pre-operative setting. 

Expert Guest: Dr Garth Garrison MD

-Dylan Koundakjian (
-Matt Tsai (


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In this episode, we speak with Vermont Health Commissioner and former ACP VT Governor Dr. Mark Levine, on his experience as a physician leader in government during the COVID19 pandemic. We discuss his career path into public health, the role of physicians in government and the pandemic as we know it - from lessons learned to challenges ahead.

Guest: Dr. Mark Levine MD

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Our last bonus segment highlighted some of our amazing medical student peers in Vermont. Now, we are shining the spotlight on the equally incredible faculty members at the Larner College of Medicine. They share their thoughts on how COVID19 has impacted them in their professional and personal lives.

Guest Faculty (in order of appearance): Dr. Lewis First MD MS, Dr. Emily Greenberger MD, Dr. Meredith Collins MD, Dr. Andy Hale MD, Dr. Jen Gilwee MD, Dr. Jeremiah Dickerson MD, Dr. Elise Everett MD MSC, Dr. Matt Gilbert DO

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In this bonus addition to our podcast Episode 8: Medical Education in the Time of COVID19, several of our awesome Larner College of Medicine medical student classmates share their stories and take on how the pandemic has impacted them at different levels of their medical training.

Guests: Sienna Searles (M3), Tyler Prince (M3), Megan Garrido (M3), Alim Esemenli (M2), Diana Salama (M1), Rio Beardsley (M3), Jhaimy Fernandez (M3) and Vinh Le (M1) 

Background Music: Tomorrow's Times by Shane Ivers -

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In this episode, we interview Larner College of Medicine Dean Richard Page for his take on how COVID19 has impacted the current and future landscape of medical education. We discuss recent national and local changes to the training of future physicians, the exciting potential of telemedicine, and the challenges this unprecedented time poses to medical students.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming bonus episode featuring Larner College of Medicine students sharing their stories and perspectives on MedEd. 

Guest: Dr. Richard Page


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In this episode, we discuss our present understanding of the COVID19 pandemic. That includes a recap of current events, our knowledge of the virology and pathophysiology of SARS-CoV2, its epidemiology, clinical presentation, diagnostic workup and key findings, current management as well as investigational therapies including ongoing clinical trials.

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In this episode, ID doc Lindsay Smith walks us through the importance of antibiotic stewardship and some considerations specific to VT and inpatient vs outpatient practice. We also check out OneHealth, a CDC initiative to study connections between human, animal and environmental health.

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In this episode, we speak with former ACP Governor Dr. Jan Carney about her work as a physician advocate and discuss opportunities for individuals of all levels of medical training to get involved. 

For more opportunities, contact Dr. Carney at


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In this episode, we discuss what it means to be an ACP member, involvement opportunities afforded at the local & national levels, and where our VT chapter fits into it all. ACP VT Chapter Governor Allen Repp gives us the inside scoop.

Guest: Dr. Allen Repp, ACP VT Governor

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